Monthly Archives: May 2012

things I’ve never done before.


fit in a tree.

found this guy.

hiked this.

seen this.

rapelled like this.

but there’s a first time for everything!




I love him.

I love being alone with him.

I love my parents, who choose to keep, play, love my children as was planned months ago. . even though my mama’s sister died today. the second sister in one month.

I love my friends, who choose to keep, play, and love my children when my parents need to leave.

I love this time, I love my Father’s grace and love to me. allowing me time with him.

I love resting, knowing all is well, and He is good.

things are gonna get easier.

this sweet little smiley bundle recently received a bowl of strawberry ice cream….


of which she fed a spoonful to a random hound dog nearby…

and then continued to eat from that same spoon….

then spied a just-bloomed hydrangea bush and plucked its beautiful blossom…

which was found by the owner of said bush, and when caught, completely lied that she did not ruin the apparently very special hydrangea bush.

sometimes I need to remember that innocent, precious, darling face.

join me.