let’s recap.

so we have some catching up to do! I’ll wait here while you go pop some popin corn…

I think we left off when Natalie was just about to turn 5 years old. boy, seems like it was yesterday.


you can see I was super excited about all her lovely gifts at her party. oh man.


we’ve been doing a ton of bike riding lately. no major accidents. yet.


this little fellow has been doing a ton of teething. for real, he should be done til he’s 3 years old. no joke.


my parents surprised me on my birthday with balloons and a little party. me and the kids were out front watering flowers when up drove my parents. to anyone who is a young mama with one or 15 little kids…this.was.awesome. I felt like I’d won the Grandparent Lottery.


the girls got haircuts. and an inch worm.


my husband is done cutting down trees in the backyard. don’t ask.


my very talented dad made me an amazing farmhouse table from cedar wood. it’s a treasure. here’s a better picture.


we’ve done some strawberry pickin..


and mr. Jonathan managed to be pretty sick for about 7 days straight. man. that was rough.


but we’re all better now…and look at that garden!!


I know you were all dying to know what we’d been up to this past month, and believe me, I was dying to tell you. . just say I fell off the blogging band wagon. but man. those thoughts are coming back hard and fast, so sit tight, my lovelies! summer’s just starting, and we’ve got a bucket list of activities, one of which is roller skating. iiiiii knowwww…..


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