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a summer weekend.

so last week was the longest week on the face of the planet in the history of all mankind. did you feel it? I’m pretty sure it was global.

bronchitis, ear infection, sinus infection, to name a few.

but, thanks to the world of modern medicine, the munchkins were well enough to go to the hot air balloon festival near here this weekend. I had so many pictures, you’re getting collages to squeeze them all in.

you’re welcome.


no inflatables, no festival. that’s what I say.


are you scared? startled? me too. that cotton candy really was three times the size of her head.

oh and that was a cat &a butterfly. terrifying.


#1: the girls making friends with older, more impressive girls.
#2: Jonathan checking out older, more impressive girls.
#3: Jonathan spotting older, more impressive girls in their gymnastics moves.
#4: Jonathan wisely running from older, more impressive girls.


it took a while for the balloons to inflate, but thankfully there was a blackberry bush nearby for a snack.


I heart this picture so much because jonathan was patting Emmett’s head and kissing him over and over.

this here balloon festival has been on our to-do list for several years. twice we actually drove to it, only to be turned away by rain or…wind. so, we were especially happy to finally see it. the festival of the balloons.

next up? roller skating. git ready.


now I get it.

I used to shake my head at moms who couldn’t brush their kids’ hair before leaving the house.

I considered dirt under a child’s fingernails to mean the mom just doesn’t care.

equating sprinkler time with bath time was gross and lazy.

poptarts were the devil’s snack.

I used to dust and vacuum once a week.

my husband could find his clothes in his dresser drawers instead of folded on the couch.

unloading and loading the dishwasher was part of the regular routine. now? clean dishes in the dishwasher and two full sinks are the norm.

I never understood kids in wrinkled, unmatched clothing.

but now I get it. I completely understand.

when the oldest child can dress herself plus pick out her little sister’s clothes, you let her. why? because it saves you time and energy. time to dress and clean the baby. or not.

dusting and vacuuming has become a bonus. i’ve taken to picking up the bigger pieces of leaf trash, dust bunnies, paper scraps, and food particles by hand and calling it a day. why? because the baby has become terrified of the vacuum cleaner. I wish I could say the same for the dust rag. I’ll try to come up with a reason for that.

why are our clothes on the couch? because if you’ve ever tried to put away 6-7 piles of clothing/towels/things to hang up you know it easily takes 45 minutes. I’d rather be eating.

and there’s a trick to letting sprinkler time be bath time. as long as they come directly inside after being wet & nicely dried off, you’re golden. bath-time, done! straight to bed!

dirty fingernails? there are 60 nails for me to cut & clean, 80 counting my own. I’m actually letting them all grow right now and will clip them all at once. I think it’ll be easier to do it all on one day. a little obsessive, I know. back off.

and not brushing their hair? gimme a break. put their hair up at night, with a little luck it’ll save you time in the morning. and anyways, it’s summertime.

I get it. I’m there. and I completely understand.

home again.


yes, Emmett & I have been away from our three children for four nights. how many nights did I miss them? four nights. how many bedtimes did I miss? four. how many meals did I miss with them? zero. how many baths did I miss giving? ummmm, maybe two. how many mornings did I miss with them? none (well, except for the sound of karis’s feet running across the kitchen floor to get to me). how many hugs did I miss? a bazillion. how many kisses did I miss? a trillion. how many car seat buckles did I miss? zilch.

how many meltdowns happened within an hour once we all got under the same sweet roof? three.

welcome home!

so where did we go? and why? and what did we do? welllll, we had a lot of sky miles, and Emmett asked me to pick a place. and I picked Oregon. I’ve never seen the west coast (minus my trip to San Francisco with my parents when I was 6 months old), and there is so much to see out there in the way of outdoorsy stuff, so we went. and it was sorta for our 8th anniversary, too.

the first two nights we stayed on the coast here:

we took short walks on the beach because it was so.cold.and.windy. but we really enjoyed biking around like this:

the real fun came when we hiked this:

and saw this at the top:

then we drove 7 miles down the road & saw this:

those are some humongous rocks that create pretty cool pools when the tides are low..these pools are full of neat things like starfish & weird crabs & other creature-type things. we were the ones who turned our backs on a ‘sneaker wave’ and seriously almost got sucked under one rock in particular in an attempt to see a pink starfish.

it was worth it.

thennnnn, we went to town & had THE BEST caramel macchiato I have ever had in my entire life. emmett and I really try to steer clear of the touristy areas full of shops & over-priced everything you can imagine. when we do find ourselves in a tourist trap, we try to play it cool & do one of two things: buy coffee or look for a taco truck. in this instance, we bought coffee.

from there, we went and saw this:

and that’s where this happened:

which needs no explanation whatsoever.
and then we saw this:

THE GOONIE ROCK, in case you couldn’t tell, and this:

and then went & had a fabulous meal & watched this from our balcony:

on day 3 we went to the big city which was both very cool and very diverse. but in keeping with the outdoorsy theme, we rode bikes a LOT. and I only managed to take 2 pictures, since I needed two hands on my bike at all times. the second one you can tell I was also trying to steer.


that night was another awesome meal in which I was not saying ‘sit on your bottom. put your feet in front of you. eat three more bites. drink your milk. are you done? say excuse me..’ it was glorious. day 4 dawned bright and warmer, and we headed East to see this:

and this:

and this:

and then we had to do this:

off the beaten path, of course.
later, we went & saw this:

and we played in the snow a bit before seeing this:


and that was that! amazing trip! amazing family & friends with the kidlets…