a summer weekend.

so last week was the longest week on the face of the planet in the history of all mankind. did you feel it? I’m pretty sure it was global.

bronchitis, ear infection, sinus infection, to name a few.

but, thanks to the world of modern medicine, the munchkins were well enough to go to the hot air balloon festival near here this weekend. I had so many pictures, you’re getting collages to squeeze them all in.

you’re welcome.


no inflatables, no festival. that’s what I say.


are you scared? startled? me too. that cotton candy really was three times the size of her head.

oh and that was a cat &a butterfly. terrifying.


#1: the girls making friends with older, more impressive girls.
#2: Jonathan checking out older, more impressive girls.
#3: Jonathan spotting older, more impressive girls in their gymnastics moves.
#4: Jonathan wisely running from older, more impressive girls.


it took a while for the balloons to inflate, but thankfully there was a blackberry bush nearby for a snack.


I heart this picture so much because jonathan was patting Emmett’s head and kissing him over and over.

this here balloon festival has been on our to-do list for several years. twice we actually drove to it, only to be turned away by rain or…wind. so, we were especially happy to finally see it. the festival of the balloons.

next up? roller skating. git ready.


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