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days, weeks, months in review.

I don’t know why I have become such an infrequent blogger…the evenings come, and coherent thoughts escape me.

like right now.

except I just finished off an amazing maple syrup peach cobbler thing, so maybe the sugar high will help.

so far this summer has been stellar, with just the amount of downtime, adventures, sicknesses (crossing fingers that was all til flu season), family stuff, friend stuff….man. I’m really loving being in control of our days for as long as possible.

though daily life is tougher in Jonathan’s second year, some things are getting easier. . . the girls are about 90% bathing themselves, if Nat wants to play inside while me and the other two are outside, she does. Nat is creating real pictures with story lines & people (or non-people like mermaids) & this keeps her busy for literally hours sometimes. Karis is slowly learning to dress herself. and it seems she is understanding limits & rules & consequences & adjusting herself rightly. mostly. Karis & Jonathan are becoming buds, and when he is in distress, she is the first to go running to help (why is it not me, the mom? that’s a good question). and when I really need Jonathan to play in his room, if Emmett & I are trying to have a meal with friends or I’m attempting to vacuum (gasp), I can completely rely on Natalie to safely play with him for however long she’s interested behind closed doors. children should be seen and not heard.

things that are reaaaalllly tough and annoying are car rides. o.m.g. I will pay someone my husband’s big bucks to install one of those bullet-proof-sound-proof windows that are in limos to separate the driver from the riders. puh-leeeeeze. i think that would only make me a better mommy. another tough one is meals. and this happens at least 3 times a day, people. I know. if I could get away with putting the girls back in a high chair, I would. strap them in, for the love. that’s why we have so many picnics on the deck. it’s not because I’m a creative, fun-loving mom. it’s because I can’t stand supervising mealtimes, so I just watch from the kitchen window & have quiet thoughts for 20 minutes. you would, too.

highlights of the summer so far? we lovvvved the Pocket. I personally love hanging by the kiddie pools in the front yard, soaking up the rays & banana Popsicles. the lemonade stand was super cute. until Karis scribbled on the sign and broke the mason jar with quarters in it. sigh.


I loved the girls going to vbs twice. I loved the second one at their Mother’s Day Out church & playing with old friends most days afterwards. I love that my tomatoes are growing smashingly & give us meals like this:


the girls adore going to play with Jacob, and I adore hanging with Lindsey (waving!) and that Jonathan has a buddy. a buddy to get haircuts with.


I also adore eating Lindsey’s food. and taking naps on her couch. see you soon, LBo!

I love that my inlaws uprooted their lives to move to town to be closer to their kids & grand kids. so they can be of help. I love that, and hope I have that same ‘family first’ mindset when I am retired.


I love that these 3 boys have completely taken Jonathan under their young wings and Jonathan adores them. let me tell you, he could use a few good men in his life.


and I love that Karis chose to help me fix the garden fence in the 90 degree heat this afternoon and when we were dripping with sweat, we both jumped in the kiddie pool. and after we cooled off, we dug a flower bed at the end of the garden. no complaints, that one.

now all I need to do is enclose the deck and make it a screened in porch so we can enjoy some of these summer nights, too…


new pocket memories.

thee’s this place called The Pocket near here, and we’ve been dragging our diaper-breast-feeding-formula-fed-toddler-preschooler-5-yr-old there for the last….five years.


Jonathan went today & enjoyed it to the fullest for the first time.

he dove in head first. or, just sorta tumbled in by accident first thing.

the girls went off to find craw-dads as usual.



my ‘cweature’ finder.

and then things got a little crazy:



until next time, sweet Pocket Wilderness!