Monthly Archives: August 2012

I think we need a bigger sink.



what a week.

she knew it was a tough week, that friend of mine. wordlessly, she gave my family a home-made casserole to be used whenever. just because. she knows these kinds of times, and she knows Jesus.

so today not a thought went into dinner. and I figured out what I do when I’m not thinking about, prepping for, or cooking dinner..

the girls and I read a pile of library books while he napped.

I got started on her birthday invitations. the big 4.

I pushed Karis and Jonathan on the swings, while they munched apples. Karis asked me to tell her a story. I told her favorite one of when I went to Africa on a mission trip years ago, and how friends and I went swimming in a deep river, until a villager warned us about killer hippos that also swim those waters. so we got out. makes me shiver.

helped Natalie make a paper doll family. at 5pm. unheard of.

I held him a lot because I could and he was especially chatty & interesting.

hung towels on the line in the sunshine. because the dryer broke.

and when we all sat down to eat, I tasted friendship, thanksgiving, and a servant’s heart (and chicken pesto penne. yummo)..

and the clean-up was to die for.

thank you, from the bottom of this tired heart and now full tummy. God knows these things…

wait wait! I’m not finished!

summertime, here are your last remaining pictures:


a water balloon afternoon.


how to eat strawberry shortcake in 2.5 seconds.


these kids.


his first track from Mimi and Dad-Dad..


and good clean fun.

okay, from here on out…pictures are in our first official school year. well, it’s not too official, but there are several mornings that I’m getting them all fed & ready and out the door by 8:45 am. that’s fairly official in my book.

dear two year molars,

I am really over your drama. I get it. you’re growing. you’re helping my son eat some serious food. awesome. I do appreciate you.

I do not appreciate you keeping him up an hour later than normal at night. not one bit. I’m over the fact that the only teething ring that’s relieving to him is a Walmart shopping cart. gross. can’t you think of something a little bit more creative?

I’ve never been hit, kicked, or bit so much in my life. and I want it to stop. like, yesterday. I only love him, care for him, feed him, & play with him. I have done nothing to you. I think teeth are great. no, awesome. without you, life would be so so sad. no more corn on the cob, bowls of crunchy oatmeal cereal, or snickerdoodles.

this should be a celebration. not a horrible stage that is leading me to my death. death by teeth.

No love,
Jonathan’s mama.

it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Last summer I said ‘next summer is gonna be so great!’….while still battling potty training with Karis, a lot of self-control issues with Karis, really tired but not napping Karis, a 5-month old baby, annnd a just-turned 4 year old.

and guess what. this summer was so great. a few big things with Karis fell into place (pottying…like not in the back yard….control & crazy outbursts have gotten so much better), Jonathan was that perfect age-16, 17, 18 months old. the age that’s adorable & cuddly & not yet defiant (although he is definitely entering that world now). the age that is easily distracted, doesn’t bother his sisters too much yet, he’s not too picky of an eater….

physically it was super tough and exhausting. every. single. day. but there was definitely a fantastic balance of fun busy-ness and slow summer days at the house (those were my personal fav).


next summer will kick my butt. a 2.5 year old? I’m nauseous just thinking of it. but Karis will be 4.5 years old.

let me just stop there.

next summer will be a breeeeeeze. what was I thinkin.

next week I’ll have a Kindergartener on my hands. a real live Kindergartener.


slow down, my precious one. I’m way back here, holding your blanket & rocking you to sleep..