what a week.

she knew it was a tough week, that friend of mine. wordlessly, she gave my family a home-made casserole to be used whenever. just because. she knows these kinds of times, and she knows Jesus.

so today not a thought went into dinner. and I figured out what I do when I’m not thinking about, prepping for, or cooking dinner..

the girls and I read a pile of library books while he napped.

I got started on her birthday invitations. the big 4.

I pushed Karis and Jonathan on the swings, while they munched apples. Karis asked me to tell her a story. I told her favorite one of when I went to Africa on a mission trip years ago, and how friends and I went swimming in a deep river, until a villager warned us about killer hippos that also swim those waters. so we got out. makes me shiver.

helped Natalie make a paper doll family. at 5pm. unheard of.

I held him a lot because I could and he was especially chatty & interesting.

hung towels on the line in the sunshine. because the dryer broke.

and when we all sat down to eat, I tasted friendship, thanksgiving, and a servant’s heart (and chicken pesto penne. yummo)..

and the clean-up was to die for.

thank you, from the bottom of this tired heart and now full tummy. God knows these things…


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