Monthly Archives: September 2012

things that tell me fall is coming….




first bonfire of the season…


grooming a goat….


a shaving cream slide… can’t tell me this doesn’t remind you of fall.


a muddy kiss…





a teddy bear toddler.

I can almost taste the apple cider.


one moment in time.

so when the baby doll stroller was thrown one too many times down the hallway for ‘fun’, I declared that it was time to go outside.

shoes on, shirt found, yes you can wear your rain boots. go. out. side.

I leave the door open so I can hear their meanderings, and turn to supper. tacos.

‘mamaaaaaaaaah….can we play with the water hose to wash our bikes?’

yep. you bet. never mind that their morning clothes were still drying in the sun from earlier wet activities.

I hear the water hose turn on, and a lot of vibrant chatter, squeals, and sprays.

the phone rings. hi, mom. I stand at the stove, stirring meat.

all of a sudden, I am sprayed with water. from head to toe. I whirl around to see two girls with the biggest grins, spraying the door. the SCREEN DOOR into the kitchen.

it’s true what they say, about life going in slow motion sometimes. I can still see it. I threw the phone across the floor, skidded to the door, slipped and fell into the kitchen puddle, yelling ‘NOOOOOO!’ as loud as possible. water is dripping from the cabinets. water is in the beef, cooking on the stove. water is soaking the taco shells.

seeing their smiles dissipate made me pause. this was actually pretty funny. but yes. go turn off the water. thank you. do you see this door, girls? it has a screen. with lots of itty bitty holes in it.

‘can I help you clean up, mama?’

yes. that would be great. Karis, please help me get Jonathan inside. why is he crying?

he has walked into an ant pile & they’re biting his little ankles. I swoop him up, throw off his shoes, yell to Natalie to turn on the bath water. Karis, undress & head to the bath. she begins to do just that, in the carport. I head inside with screaming Jonathan, trying to step around the kitchen puddle.

oldest and youngest in the bath, I check on my almost 4 yr old. she’s entering the house, completely unclothed, with…..the mailman delivering a package.

oh hi! thank you. me, very wet, my shoes squishing in water.

‘y’all okay in here?’

yep! just great! thanks!

and we were.