Monthly Archives: October 2012

finding the golden pumpkin…

eating our weight in apples…


no explanation needed.

making snow angels….because it’s technically still summer.

biking, chatting, observed by deer (ing)..

making a zip line..(this didn’t actually materialize. don’t worry, family members)

overall spookiness.

weird, man.

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the world has a new 4 year old.

my dearest Karis-Bug. I’d say this was a big year for you.
you learned to like your little preschool class.

it was questionable at the beginning.

you had all sorts of sensory experiences.


you learned to swim.


we realized you hate crowds…

this was you almost the entire time at the aquarium…but I can’t blame you. I wanted to be held, too.

glue & glitter are your favorite things on the planet.


you’ve got your mama’s dance moves.


and you’re just…funny.


I love love love you, K-Bug.


I love categorizing, so read & feel organized.

funny things….the other week (I have no concept of time these days…this may have been the other day) I was hoeing the garden on the side of the house while listening to the kids play in the front. the girls were riding their bikes and Jonathan was pushing Mater, his awesome push toy. named Mater. anyways, I couldn’t see them from where I was but I heard Mater getting closer and closer. when suddenly, there he was, pushed by a little boy with a serious expression on his face. and girlie pink sunglasses on the top of his head. it was hilarious, and I so wished I had a camera. I actually doubled over laughing. or I might possibly have been suffering from heat exhaustion. not sure.

weird things….the girls were pretending all day today, and at lunch they were apparently a married couple. they kept calling each other ‘wife’ and ‘husband’ and getting each other pretend tea & letting each other know when they had food on their face that needed to be wiped up with a napkin. it was a little creepy, and I kept my distance.

crazy things…..I planted the garden a couple weeks ago, all with seeds. then it rained for like five days straight and I’m pretty sure some of those seeds got washed around. so I don’t know what is popping up where right now but things are definitely growing out there.

nice things….the girls don’t nap anymore, and it’s more frustrating than anything to enforce rest time for them in their rooms, but lately I’ve been able to put my feet up for about 30 minutes while Jonathan naps & they play well or do art. and if that doesn’t work they are actually pretty respectful of mama resting a bit while they don’t come running with every little thing.

it’s a miracle, but….I’m down to doing laundry just once a week now beginning with just 4 loads back to back. I was doing 2 loads a day & not having the energy or time to put those clothes up. so poor Emmett was searching for clean tshirts on the couch, instead of his dresser drawers. so I decided to fight back. now I inspect every piece of clothing before just tossing it in the hamper. if it’s just kids play clothes, sometimes I shake the food particles &/or dirt out & fold it neatly back into the drawer. yep. it was that bad. don’t worry, if you see my kids out, they’re most likely in clean clothes. most likely. but most likely not if you come to my house.

uncanny things….this house is getting so so small. I think it happens at night or something. i love this house tremendously, and will bawl my eyeballs out when one day we do move on (hi, LBo!)..I recently went through another toy purge to make room for actual people to walk around & enjoy themselves. it is pretty refreshing knowing we have everything we absolutely need to make life happen here (and keep the kiddos fairly entertained, right??)..cause if it hasn’t been touched, worn, read or cooked with in a couple months, it gets put on my hit list. and that includes you, mr. bookshelf with college textbooks on it. good grief!

the end.