Monthly Archives: December 2012

i’ll fly away.

some glad morning….
that morning will be glad. we, His, will be full of gladness. not a passing thought will be given to those dark days. they will evaporate.

when this life is through….
because it wasn’t ours. and this wasn’t home.

I’ll fly away…..
and He will be waiting. to show me the treasures unknown. the mysteries. the place where my tears have fallen.

when the darkness of this life have gone….
imagine a day without those memories, without those questions and tiredness. that sadness.

I’ll fly away…
without a glance back.

like a bird from prison bars has flown….
suppose this earthly life, with it’s joys and abundant blessings, is truly a prison. in comparison to what forever will be.

I’ll fly away….
because there is nowhere else to go.

oh how glad and happy when we meet…
in abundance. meeting my Life-Giver. My Forgiver. My Hope.

I’ll fly away…..
and I will see Him heal what is left.

no more cold iron shackles on my feet….
is that what is weighing me down?

I’ll fly away……
to be whole.

just a few more weary days and then….
weary. weary of the fighting, the straining, the trying.

I’ll fly away…..
peace. peace He leaves me.

to a land where joy shall never end.
joy. and then even more.

I’ll fly away….
undone no more.


our homemade Christmas.


boy we’ve been busy lately. I feel like it’s the North Pole here in Northwest Georgia. whenever there’s down time or cranky moods, I pull out my Christmas Craft list & we get crackin.


and I gotta say. it’s the funnest season yet. behold: the two-headed tree topper of 2012!


it’s sorta like a mini heavenly host up there.



now it’s not all mistletoe and Bing Christmas songs these days. the truth is, I have to bribe Karis to sew those cute little Christmas trees with gummy bears, those glitter angels left the.biggest.glitter mess you’ve ever experienced and i had to staple a popsicle stick to the back of it so the heads stand up sorta straight thanks to the massive amount of glue used, and doing Advent every night is sweet and all, if you love coaxing/training a 23-month old to sit and listen, while praying his 4 year old sister doesn’t run away screaming and crying because her older sister answered all of Daddy’s questions correctly before she did.


some moments these days I hear myself audibly saying ‘Jeeesus. Jesus. Jesus.’ because He is the Only Helper. the Only Saviour. My Rescuer, at the end of those long days that leave my head spinning.


this is my dream job. I look around and there isn’t one single thing I want to change (minus a live-in housekeeper, the mice that sneak in under the kitchen sink, the deck with a foot of leaves on it, the cobwebs you can actually see in the corners of every room, but come on). the glitter, sweet little ornaments, and Advent every night leave me feeling full.

and tomorrow when I say ‘sit down on your bottom to eat breakfast, please’ for the 10th time, or when she throws a fit when I help her out of the van & she wanted to do it herself, or when the 4pm-5pm hour is more than I can bear….I pray i remember Jesus. minus the glitter, minus the sweet little ornaments, minus the tree. just Him, in a trough. for my transgressions. forever.