i’ll fly away.

some glad morning….
that morning will be glad. we, His, will be full of gladness. not a passing thought will be given to those dark days. they will evaporate.

when this life is through….
because it wasn’t ours. and this wasn’t home.

I’ll fly away…..
and He will be waiting. to show me the treasures unknown. the mysteries. the place where my tears have fallen.

when the darkness of this life have gone….
imagine a day without those memories, without those questions and tiredness. that sadness.

I’ll fly away…
without a glance back.

like a bird from prison bars has flown….
suppose this earthly life, with it’s joys and abundant blessings, is truly a prison. in comparison to what forever will be.

I’ll fly away….
because there is nowhere else to go.

oh how glad and happy when we meet…
in abundance. meeting my Life-Giver. My Forgiver. My Hope.

I’ll fly away…..
and I will see Him heal what is left.

no more cold iron shackles on my feet….
is that what is weighing me down?

I’ll fly away……
to be whole.

just a few more weary days and then….
weary. weary of the fighting, the straining, the trying.

I’ll fly away…..
peace. peace He leaves me.

to a land where joy shall never end.
joy. and then even more.

I’ll fly away….
undone no more.


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