cheer is out. hope is in.

there is a reason it’s taken me so long to write.

I’m afraid if I’d written a week ago, it would’ve been PG-13 rated.

a week ago Emmett & I were experiencing the second toughest day in our little married life. and because I love lists, here’s the top three reasons why last Saturday was one of the toughest days ever.

1. exhaustion. I was sick with something coughy and snotty. and it was 4 days after Christmas. we all know what the Christmas hangovers are like. especially with a husband that had to go back to work the day after.

yes, I ended that sentence with a preposition.

2. cockroaches. our washing machine had stopped working, and the repair man guy this morning found these disgusting vermin had actually killed the motor. that was a fun realization. especially as the repair guy nonchalantly found traces of them in every other appliance in our kitchen as well. I’ve never been so very deeply disgusted.

3. annnnd suddenly, as I am helping Emmett hours later take apart and deep clean every appliance and every inch of space having to do with our kitchen, Natalie comes in from playing outside complaining of not feeling well and i realize she is burning up and some inclination of mine tells me she has the flu because she just got over strep, but how do I drop everything to take her to the doctor and oh my word, it is going to spread through the entire household and ohhhhh my worrrrd icanthandleit.

but. God.

because that day passed, and the next, and His mercies were new every single morning.

and as I look back, I realize. He came for me. He came for these days. He came for the moment I yell at my children. He came for the moment I yell at my husband. He came for the moment my selfishness hurts those closest to me.

and His grace covers. it covers because my husband holds me and wordlessly says we are in this forever. it covers because my children still lay their heads on my worthless shoulder, relying on me, loving me. it covers because that treasure friend He gave me still embraces, still laughs, still understands.

and I am thankful. more than that. I am full. full of hope. full of….yeah. hope.

but don’t worry. I’ll post plenty of Christmas pictures when I’m feeling a bit more cheery.

but for now, I’m just full of joy.


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  1. Oh snap! I like this one too! Funny how our past month has been really similar in terms of a few struggles both our families were dealing with, etc…and AMAZING that the Lord in His abundant goodness gave us both joy on the other side of things!

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