my Christmas favs.

what follows are my favorite moments this Christmas season. although probably the best weren’t caught on camera!


because I had to capture the Crazy Tree Decorating of 2012 .


Three little bottoms sitting on the Advent bench every night.


making Christmas cards. I told Karis to make one thumbprint for a reindeer, and she made a whole flying flock.


Rollin out the dough. Karis used so much flour her dough literally fell apart & wouldn’t rise from the dead.


A sweet morning with sweet friends. and lots more flour.


A chilly Christmas weekend hike at Berry.


I’m not sure who was more happy to get Legos on Christmas morning. they sat here for two whole hours.


Jonathan’s love for my dad is intense. and I love it. and they love blocks. naturally.


I am blessed to call these ladies sisters. God is good.


currently my favorite picture. I guess she wanted to play in the dark?

and that’s a wrap.


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