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gimme an A.

so in the past 10 years of my little life, I’ve been well educated on asthma, inhalers, breathing treatments, and cadberry eggs (more on that later).

every night I give 2/3 children a mini breathing treatment with an allergy pill. I see my husband take his inhaler every morning & night.

my best friend’s best friend is her inhaler.

I was beginning to feel the pressure. pressure to be a part of this Restrictive Airway Club. pressure to carry an inhaler.

basically, I was feeling incomplete.

well. it’s happening. at Christmas I got sick and remained sick for several weeks. in fact, I’ve been coughing now for two months. coughing from the effort of talking. coughing because I’m still, coughing because I moved, coughing because I woke up. coughing because I’m coughing.

I even pulled some muscles in my chest cavity that still reeeeally hurt. (hey, Lindsey)

so finally, I had enough. and in between my own kids’ sicknesses & construction on my kitchen and life itself, I found a chance to go to the doctor. and do you know what she asked?

‘do you have a history of asthma?’

my heart leapt. this could be it.

apparently I had bronchitis for a while & everything is still inflamed in there and albuterol is the cure. she ordered a breathing treatment right away, and I felt myself get nervous. like, excited nervous.

and when I felt the first bits of that miracle drug enter my lungs it was like I’d stepped outside on a cool spring morning. it. was. amazing.

so now I have an inhaler all my own, and it’s actual way more cool looking than the other half dozen in my house. the kids and husband have inhaler-envy.

so, to wrap up, please enjoy this….haiku. anachronym. onomatopoeia. thing.

A is for Albuterol. awesome.
L is for Like the Ocean Breeze.
B is for Better than Chocolate.
U is for Unbelieveably Great.
T is for The Best.
E is for Emmett is jealous of my inhaler.
R is for Rollin in the Vapors.
O is for Oh man, that cost how much?? but so worth it..
L is for Lucky in Love with Albuterol.

the end.


full daze.

these daze, they are full. full of life.

and sometimes that life is ugly. sometimes, like a peaceful morning, it’s beautiful. sometimes life, like right now, is exhausting. I keep thinking ‘next week will be calm…’ and then someone gets sick, or the husband works late, or when he’s not working at the office he’s working from the kitchen…or friends/family need another hand to tow the rope…and so, life…happens again.

since when do I believe life is only great when it’s quiet, calm, orderly, and stress-free?

So I pray for strength. and I learn to take care of myself. and even when I can’t do that, I pray for grace. and when I’m on the verge of breaking down, I keep running. slowly. and when i am completely spent, poured out and empty like never before, i am finding myself filled…sometimes it’s a lovely obedient moment, overcoming a selfish desire to pitch a fit about one thing or other….other times I really do lose it, and re-learn forgiveness and mercy from my husband, from my kids, but always running, and always growing.

day by day by day. to the fullest. ugly or beautiful. the life I’ve been given.

and in this peaceful moment, I rejoice.

what we’ve been do-ing.

best friending.





please eating.

standing on the rooftop-ing & yelling at the neighbor kids-ing.

new laundry-room-ing.

scooter ing.

4 cousins eating.

and, of course, car-massaging.