Monthly Archives: March 2013

he’s 2. two months ago.

it occurred to me that I never blogged about Jonathan’s 2nd birthday celebrations or made any mention whatsoever of him turning two big years old.

oh well. so the baby turned 2! and here are the pictures to prove it!


for the kiddos’ birthdays, I always let them blow candles out at every meal. Karis reminded me at lunch-time that I’d forgotten to put candles in Jonathan’s breakfast that morning…cue third child blues. . but he definitely got them in his PBJ at lunch!


this was quite the effort at dinner that night with the cake candles, when his BFF came to help celebrate (& wander around, randomly yelling at each other, chasing each other, playing with cars, fighting over books..those things best friends do).


then came his family birthday a few days later, in which he was teething like mad and really just wanted to go to bed, but survived til the bitter-sweet-race-track-cake-end.



he couldn’t wait to rip those cars off the cake yelling ‘MINE’. it was so precious.


lately he is quite the talker, which is funny because Karis never was (still isn’t) but she talks a mile a minute to him & he talks right back. Jonathan adores Karis and will often only be coaxed to eat/nap/take a bath if Sister Karis is right beside him.


today on the playground, even though Karis was far away playing with her little girlfriends, he leaned in real close to another little fella his age and said, quite clearly, ‘don’t mess with Karis. OKAY?’

I adore how he wants to be rocked every night, and will join in my singing little songs to him. this boy loves to sing, and often I will hear him long after I laid him down for the night humming or singing a tune to himself, in his crib.


in the flurry of getting the kids ready for church this past Sunday morning, I came in the living room to hunt down the girls to please stop drawing and locate your shoes, jackets, turn out lights, lets go go go….and Jonathan was calmly coloring at his desk and said, without looking up ‘you’re bew-ful, mama.’

well I be doggone, if that doesn’t make me want a houseful of little crazy-haired boys, I don’t know what will.

happy 2nd birthday, buddy!