Monthly Archives: April 2013

things I hear myself saying #2

I realize it’s been a while. it got overwhelming to think of how to catch allllll you folks up in our super exciting daily, random, and yet routine adventures….so I thought I’d just leave it to your imagination and move on.

to a list! because I love lists! I wrote this list a while back, and I think it’s changed a bit. here ya go. a peek into my mind. because who doesn’t want to know what I’m thinking, that’s what I want to know..

things I say uh-lot:
1. apologize to your sister. now. hug her. tell her you love her. now.
2. go to your room. did you forget where your room is? I’ll walk you there.
3. wash your hands. did you wash your hands? let me see your hands.
4. if your brother is stuck under his tricycle and screaming, please lend a hand. don’t just stare at him.
5. hands in your lap. hands off. hands to yourself. hands out of your food. hands out of your hair. hands out of your mouth.
6. ladies don’t say that. (& please ignore your mother if she says it. because I’m your mother, that’s why).
7. stop climbing the wall. no really. stop it.
8. do not spit bath water onto the floor. do not spit bath water at each other.
9. go get in the van. I don’t know where we’re going but I want you to get in the van and strap yourself in. I don’t know for how long. take a book.
10. walk do not run. walk forwards. with your eyes open. thank you.

and that is mostly what I’m thinking.