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first week of summer.

so below is a collage of our first little week of summer.


so, from the top, left to right!
1. this is a mud fight that happened in the span of 10 minutes. it was amazing, in so many ways.
2. the girls painted on a real artist canvas with my real acrylic paints & we learned about abstract art. it went great, so long as I was in total control of the amount of paint being used. enter, excessive 4 year old.
3. this I had to share, from karis’s last day of her little morning out class. she won Best Helper Award. I’m pretty stinkin proud. and yes, I’ve maximized on that already around the house. thank you, Mrs. Amy.
4. I may have served 10 of our 15 meals outside this week. sure, there were some beautiful picnic days. but mostly so i wouldn’t need to sweep the kitchen floor.
5. do you see a yellow paper puppet in the corner? that’s Jesus, the star of the girls’ impromptu puppet show they put together. they recreated the story of Jesus praying in the garden, while His disciples fell asleep. then the Roman soldiers came & Peter chopped off one of their ears which Jesus then healed. then followed Jesus carrying the cross to the hill, being crucified, and the women crying. it ended with puppet people telling Him to come down off the cross, if He really was God, and He saying He had to obey the Father. it was surprisingly very detailed and factual. and quite entertaining, especially when Jonathan tried to do it.
6. Emmett bought a truck with many pennies saved over many months’ time. we were happy for him. and us. but mostly I was happy to have something to haul around mulch, rocks, plants, wood, and other random fences and roadside finds. . . hmmm…you think he’d want a great, reliable Sienna minivan??
7. nothing says true friend like a boot filled with water on your head.
8. he’s actually a great strawberry picker. for the first 15 minutes, after which he just wants to throw rocks into the nearest body of water.
9. yours truly.


it’s a picture party.

a few noteworthy a warm afternoon..

and they all fell dowwnnnn.


we may be fine with the baby pool for one…last…summer. our poor water bill.


barefoot bathing suit bike riding. this was one of my favorite things, as a little girl. somehow it’s comforting to watch.


something else that I love…the kiddos spend a good chunk of their backyard play making mud pies, cakes, soups, tea, coffee…(oh man, wouldn’t it be amazing if they could really make coffee??) they spend a good 45 minutes making a cake, then come deliver it to the kitchen door. then I go outside, pretend it’s my birthday, and they sing to me. so, you could say they celebrate my birthday every other day. and they use my old tea set from many years ago. like, 25.


tea time in the treehouse. I snuck this picture. you know if they’d seen me coming the magic would’ve been broken.


Mother’s Day campfire. it’s my favorite thing. it’s their favorite thing. win win.


THIS is called a weekend couple’s retreat to our favorite spot in Georgia, which I’m not telling you about for fear it will be booked solid. and boy was the silence, conversation, naps, and overall rejuvenation needed! in fact, we didn’t see much of each other the week before we left, and three days after we got back I left for a trip to Minnesota for 4 days. such is life! but very thankful for this timely bit of joy.


wanna know what 3 kids look like who are debating belief in Santa Claus and Jesus Christ?


and finally…drumroll….let me introduce to you..Natalie Long. Nat. Natters. Natster. NatNat.

the kindergarten graduate.

this year brought about a lot of changes in you, most of which make me proud, laugh, and wonder what your Heavenly Father has in store.

you are super creative, imaginative, my out-of-box-thinker, exploding with energy out of nowhere, deeply faithful, understanding, peace maker, and tree climber extraordinaire. I really really love you, and wish I could swaddle you and sing you to sleep one.last.time.
may your feet be beautiful, bringing Good News!