Monthly Archives: June 2013

lets talk about vacation.

so our little family had the privilege of going on vacation these past few days to the beach. back at home, I’m internalizing and mulling over the many ups, the few lows, and the overall chaos. join me.

1. the first day it rained allll day. but without skipping a beat, Emmett & I acted like it was normal to enjoy the ocean and pool in the rain. at one point it was raining so hard while we were all swimming in the pool that the pelts of water were literally splashing water back up in my face so that I could barely see. the upside? we had the pool and large masses of the beach to ourselves.

2. on the first sunny day, I think the kids were confused about why it was so blazing hot and not raining. but they quickly realized the waves were even more fun, and not quite so chilly. speaking of waves, the double red flag was flying to warn of strong under currents and waves and such. did that stop us again? no. we were the family swimming to the sand bar with 3 little kids in tow. me with Nat hanging onto my back and holding Jonathan above the waves…Emmett with Karis (let’s face it, that sorta equals 2 preschoolers) and the net, in hopes of catching fishes. upside? I don’t think I’ll forget that little trek. downside? I think we all almost drowned at least once.

3. sand, y’all. that is some serious stuff. and even after ‘washing off’ in the pool after hours at the beach, there was there are no pros here, and I try to remain positive when it comes to little kids at the beach & all that entails.

4. speaking of little kids at the beach…they fight over anything. like, sand space. I must’ve said ‘there is SO MUCH sand, y’all. just MOVE OVER’ about 50 million times. but do you know what cured every little upset attitude? finding a sea creature to throw in a bucket. The girls fed, housed, and played with a baby crab til time to call it a day. upside? hundreds of creative outlets at the beach. downside? I couldn’t say ‘if you fight over that sand, I will take it away’.

5. so Natalie won Miss Creative 6 Year Old of Floyd County. oh, you didn’t know? anyways, she found a seagull feather, which she instantly stuck in her hair to be a beach Indian Princess. then she later stuck it in her bucket aquarium that she made for sea creatures. of course Karis had to find a feather, too, so I was the mom scouring the dunes for the perfect feather. pros? we don’t need a ton of sand toys. cons? I may have looked homeless on that dune.

6. lets talk about 2 year olds at the beach. Jonathan LOVED the water and the waves. he wanted to be in them constantly. Emmett & I took shifts with taking him out for long periods of time. tiring? yes. but this was his first beach trip. to the beach I went to when I was a little girl. the beach my dad went to when he was a boy and there was nothing to be seen for miles. yes, I will jump those same waves with him again & again. pros? I think he loved it. cons? my back is killing me.

7. have you ever been in a pool watching your kid or someone else’s? you hear ‘hey, watch this!’ a lot, right? we heard that so much that I found myself completely NOT watching & then exclaiming about what a fantastic trick they just did under water while I caught somebody else jumping off the side or finding goggles or adjusting bathing suits or just slinking away to the deep end all alone…you decide if there are pros & cons here.

8. when they’re all doing 3 different things, and your energy is having to be focused solely on one at that moment, you watch your kid do somewhat embarrassing things from afar, and hope people are just kind and gracious. and for the most part, they sure were. upside? my kids like other people. downside? other people don’t know my kids. no, overdressed beach lady, waiting for Karis to hand you the water hose so you can rinse your feet, she isn’t going to spray you. she’s handing the hose to you. relax. but you’re wise to be cautious. and thank you, Whataburger Lady. thank you for being so kind when Karis gave you her fake pirate money. you must have a 4 yr old.

9. the good part about not making your kids wear shoes/flip flops to the beach? that’s one less thing to deal with (taking shoes on & off). the bad part? that asphalt we have to cross is like walking on hot lava. but making it a game for them to run from one patch of grass to the next was sorta fun.

10. it is amazing to me the energy that kids have in a pool. I get in & instantly want to float away, find a tiki bar, fall asleep….is there some sort of calming drug in chlorine? but these little people are non stop and it’s frightening. upside? bedtime. they were walking zombies, all we had to do was guide them to their pillows.