Monthly Archives: August 2013

things I hear myself saying #3

so, first grade has started. we’re experiencing some early mornings, some car lines, some bonding with two younger siblings. it’s different, but all very good. except for the bad, of course.


here are a few things I’m saying. because you’ve missed it, that’s why.

1. eat your breakfast. like, go ahead and pick up your food. now.

2. we’re taking Nat to school. no, you can’t color on the way. because it’s two minutes away. we’re dropping her off, not picking her up. do you see her sitting next to you?? right.

3. how did you two get so filthy before 9:00 in the morning??



4. no, you can’t hang on the grocery cart. because you’re too heav-…I mean, the cart is hot lava.

5. it’s Friday! the last day! no, not your last school day ever. the last day of this particular first week of school.. sorry.

6. karis: ‘actually, mama, I don’t like playing with Jonathan because I don’t like playing with babies.’ me: ‘well, Karis, that’s just not kind at–‘ karis: ‘OH LOOK!! A MOTH!! JONATHAN, SQUISH IT!!’ (running away) me: mmmkay.

7. lay down, it’s bedtime. head on the pillow. put your legs down, I’m trying to tuck you in like a sweet mama. stopppppp pulllinnnng myyyy shirrrrrt. I love you. i’m so proud of—HEAD ON THE PILLOW–you. (big smile, assuring pats, walking backwards, towards the door..) hmmm? what, sweetheart? yes, I’ll ask daddy if you can get a pet fish. yep, so goodnight!

8. please do not eat your yogurt with your fingers. use your spoon. no, your spooooooon. if you just picked up your sandwich with two hands and took a bite, it wouldn’t be in a million pieces on the floor, your hair, or your brother. do not lick your sandwich, me, or him. do not eat your cereal with your fingers. i know you’re picking out the pink ones, but use your spoon. do not slurp the milk out to get to the pink ones, either. please stoppppppppp acting like a four year old.

9. let him squish the frog. it’s okay, that’s what boys do. don’t cry, just walk away. help me pick flowers.

10. you can’t go to school with Natalie because I need you at home just a little bit longer. you make me laugh. you make me crazy, but you make me laugh.