Monthly Archives: September 2013

she’s five.

this girl. her name, in Greek, is literally Grace.


when she was 1, she was such a Joy and sweet delight.


when she was 2, she had us laughing all.the.time.


when she was 3, I realized why God impressed upon us to name her Karis..

because we needed more Grace. and so did she.

when she was 4, I realized, hey. this kid is just like me!

I adore how utterly filthy she gets, while wearing her favorite ‘donut dress’…I love that she had a huge big ginormous meltdown because we didn’t understand her need for her own rocking chair for her to sew in…I love that in whatever situation we have, she can make a card for it….I love and understand her need to be outside getting dirty….I love her passion for her few best friends…I love her need to watch a good movie with not one but two bowls of popcorn. I love her fierceness in her play, her compulsion in loving others, her compassion for the hurting and her honest longing to meet Jesus.

it’s been amazing with you, these five years. amazing in so many ways. yes and amen.