Monthly Archives: November 2013

the tooth fairy blues

so Natalie has lost five teeth in 6 months. 2 of them have been this month. that’s great, you say. no, not great. not great if you really stink at being the Tooth Fairy.

the first tooth she lost I was totally on the ball. I snuck back in her room before I went to bed (first off, who really wants to risk waking their sleeping kid up at 11pm?) and stuck a whole dollar under her pillow. the second one I totally and completely forgot, until I met her the next morning at her art table before breakfast (I usually have to bribe the girls away from doing art at 7am to please come eat breakfast. it’s amazing the stuff they crank out first thing in the morning). she had the most dejected expression on her face.

I swore I would never ever forget again.

I have since forgotten twice since then. twice. the worst time was when I remembered about 6:45 am, just 15 minutes before I would wake her up. I quickly searched the kitchen counter where I’d laid it down the afternoon before…’here, mom!’ she said. ‘put this somewhere safe!’…’of course!’ I said, absently laying her white tooth on my white countertop. so it was that early morning when I realized I wiped all the counters off last night….fortunately for me, I had actually kept that first tooth she’d lost back in May. I ran to get it, a couple quarters, and prayed she wasn’t awake yet. in the dim light in her room, she was sitting up in bed. she immediately said ‘the tooth fairy didn’t come again.’ I came quickly to her bedside, saying ‘oh NOOOO, surely not. check again!’ in the 7 seconds it took me to say that, I stealthily slid those quarters and that little tooth under her pillow. and voila. happy girl.

she was a little confused about why her tooth was still there, to which I replied the tooth fairy is probably very busy and confused.

yep. that’s a pretty good description about the tooth fairy.

she lost her 4th on Tuesday evening, and I remembered everything. proud moment there. she lost her 5th yesterday at school, and I forgot it all last night. the tooth, the money…everything. as Emmett was tucking her in tonite, I heard him say ‘maybe she’ll come tonite..don’t worry.’

maybe she will. but she probably won’t! again! but I WILL make her breakfast, double-check her homework, make sure her library books are in her backpack for library day, clip the $3 for her Thanksgiving Feast next week to her folder, sign her progress report, lay out her clothes, and pack her lunch (and the same for the other two, minus the homework, plus more reminding, telling, and reminding again).