Monthly Archives: December 2013

oh don’t worry, I’m not.

so there’s a lot of blogs and such going around written by very meaningful, precious mamas, aunts, authors, sisters, grandmas…that strongly and sweetly basically say ‘I see you there, little mama…don’t try to be perfect this season. the lights don’t have to hang just right, the children don’t have to decorate cookies every day..just enjoy This Season, enjoy Those Children, and that is enough!’

believe me when I say, I am doing a bang-up job NOT being perfect this season. and it feels lovely.

no, I’m not being sloppy and everyone is getting meaningful gifts (I mean, I hope so?)…but that one wrapping session I had went way faster because I left out the bows and ribbons. this sweet striped paper will do just fine. and look! when you put them under the tree the bows aren’t squished! (because there are none)….I wanted to make a batch of puppy chow because I think the girls would love it. did you know Walmart sells puppy chow in a big bag?? who knew! that bag is waiting to be opened on Christmas Day for snack time and it only cost me $4… our little tree from Lowes is alllllmost dead. and it’s still leaning. have you ever tried to level a tree with 3 little kiddos bouncing from foot to foot so stinking excited to decorate & not understanding they had to wait five more minutes so daddy and mama could make it stand up straight? after a couple good attempts we said ‘looks great. have at it.’

since school let out, this warm weather has spoiled me. wearing shorts, riding bikes, making mudpies. that is all those 3 want to do. so I let them until they absolutely had to bathe or eat..or, if you were one particular 2 year old, be drug inside because of bad behavior…and I watched from the window, or the deck, or from the front stoop. sad for them, if I interrupt their play to make a Christmas Memory. this IS their memory.

lets talk about breakfast. I don’t do this meal well. ever. I do give a great attempt on Christmas Morning, the Day of All Special Days. I used to make orange rolls from scratch, until halfway through baby #2. now I pop open a can of cinnamon rolls, Natalie’s favorite, and this year we’ll also make some eggs and fry up some sausage…and I know full well only the cinnamon rolls will be eaten. and they will be happy!

don’t tell the girls, but they wore their Christmas dresses from last year, their shoes may have been a bit scuffed and they absolutely will not let me put ribbons in their hair. but they twirled those dresses like that’s what they were born to do. and they were!

we did have a Christmas Craft Day, which I took Nat out of school for. how on earth can we make crafts with my best crafter sitting in a desk one mile down the road? anyways, those crafts aren’t perfect. but the memory of glitter on faces, food coloring staining shirts, and hands covered in paint is. I always say…that’s what bathtubs and vacuum cleaners are for.

I forgot the kids were also going to make a batch of cookies to take to my mama’s tomorrow…they were too busy chasing each other around the house…around and around and around…with the Christmas music blaring because turns out Jonathan loves a good song…so I quickly sliced that dough, stuck it in the oven and tadaaaaa. done. tomorrow, mom will ask if the kids made them.

nope. they were too busy playing!

so none of This Season is perfect, nor have I even tried to make it close to really super nice. it is just right, and we love It.