Monthly Archives: January 2014

holiday highlights.

oh it’s not the holidays anymore?

well shoot.

these cookies were a highlight. and look, Elvis loves them too. that’s m’boy.

this walk was a highlight. as Taylor said ‘this is the best day of my LIFE’. what can I say. my neighborhood is sorta like Disneyland. sorta. in West Rome, GA.

these Christmas Eve steaks were pretty fantastic.

this picture was a highlight. look at us. all smiley and stuff.

meeting my new baby nephew Elijah was a highlight. look at those cute kiddos! t.r.o.u.b.l.e!

this picture was one of the highlights of my entire Christmas.

my mama reading one of the books she read to me, to my kids. that’s always a highlight and one for which I am particularly greatful for this year..

I’m thankful for this relationship. my neice mari Olivia is sorta Natalie’s hero. aren’t they beautiful??

this family, this year, is a highlight. this is Jenny Norton’s family. there is a whole mess of things to say here, but three words: God is good. and gracious. and He is working. that was more than three.

of course there were many other highlights that didn’t make it on camera…those are always the best highlights anyways.

so, is it January? cause it’s okay with me if we do it allllll over again.


the highlights.

1: January. I guess she wanted to play in the dark?
2: February. standing on top of their playhouse, taunting the neighbors. sheesh.
3. March. 6 years way too old.
4. April. the Pals playground. I think I grew up here.
5.May. these two monkeys.
6. June. just some ballet at soccer practice.

7. July. this deck. I painted it five times. don’t ask.
8. August. walking her to First Grade.
9. September. donuts in a van, on a rainy day.
10. October. their filthiness has ceased to shock me.
11. November. bountiful harvest, picked before the frost!
12. December. 3 kids, 2 egg beaters filled with cookie dough.