Monthly Archives: March 2014

so far I love this spring. and so does my garden helper.

here she’s teaching him how to gently get those pansies out and into the ground, in her patch of earth I gave her last season. all this kid needs is ownership!

does anybody see Nat?

our soccer star.

baby bunnies. cutest things EVER. my parents had two bunnies. now they have 9. wowzahs.

I said ‘say cheese, guys!’ and here Jonathan is saying ‘no, we already had our picture taken.’

us with our brand new 7 and official 5 1/2 year old girls.

can you tell it was a Frozen party? the braids, man. it’s all about the braids.

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seven years.

I’m running out of time for this. and the only reason I’m blogging tonite is my first daughter, first born, first tears, first steps, first poops, first spanking, first falling, first cold, first teeth….she turns 7 on Saturday.

this time 7 years ago, I was living it up. I quit work 3 weeks before my due date. I slept til 8:30am every morning. I made a huge plate of pancakes. then I sat and bounced on my huge exercise ball while watching HGTV & eating that plate of pancakes. I honestly can’t remember what else I did during those few weeks. it actually all got cut short when little Nat came 2 weeks early, so maybe that’s why!

I found a quiet moment/half hour late this afternoon and I snuck out on the deck and lay in the sunshine. the girls were having a wedding (I know) and Jonathan was busying himself with all the stuff the girls threw in the hallway to keep him out of their room.

sweet little things.

so as I lay there, praising Jesus for this chunk of time, I made myself think about 7 years ago. and when I remembered those plates of pancakes and HGTV and sleeping in…I smiled and sighed. what bliss. I’m so very glad I did nothing but bounce on that ball & eat pancakes.

so here is where I talk about my Nat. my most favorite thing about her, and yes, I tell her this a lot, is her faithfulness to others. when she loves you, she LOVES you. and it matters not your differences, oddities, stinkiness, or age. she sees the best in people, just like her daddy. I love that, and I pray that grows as she learns the true love of Christ for her.

I am desperate for summer, to get her back in my home again. . to feed her lunch again. . to not rush her to hurry up and play, for there’s homework and showers and reading and bedtime. . and it’s coming. I canNOT wait.