moving right along!

so November on this blog was a while ago….it’s now the dead of summer. a season of life has come and is still going strong! these seasons….never ending.

this month of July is our last month in our little blue house with the yellow door. our arms and legs are sticking out the windows. what used to be sweet and cozy is now crazy, loud, and sort of annoying. these girls need quiet places to read. that boy needs spaces to be loud. sharing one bathroom between them is absolutely ridiculous. maybe if they were all girls. but they are most definitely not, sweet Jonathan, are they?

the memories here take my breath away. first steps, first laughs, hard cries, long nights, even longer days…the joy and hardship of it all seeps through the walls, I can see it around every corner. years of friends’ joys and sorrows shared at our table…..birthday parties, the songs sung, sick days, sick WEEKS, the dances around the kitchen table…hide and seek with daddy, the cozy movie nights, the big snows, each year trying to squeeze in a Christmas tree….my kitchen window view will always be my favorite.


these kids will one day step in this house, as we all do in our childhood haunts, and say ‘huh. it seems so much smaller. that living room used to be huge.’ oh but it WAS! full to the brim with life, life that came down from the Father of Heavenly Lights. praise God from Whom all blessings flow!

and now, we bundle up our life and tote it across town…because this season of life is never-ending! hand to the plow, knowing full well there will be even more joys, long nights, big snows, songs, birthday parties, sick days, and sweetness ahead.


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  1. Yes, sweet Jenny, your words are true. Our family has packed up our life many times over and it’s always a mixture of excitement for what will be and bittersweet-ness for what was. Blessings to you my dear friend as you fill your new home with wonderful memories. – kw

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